Terms of Service

1. In General

1.1. QUEEN LINK (“MOBILE GAME”) belongs to NPATH GAMES OYUN TEKNOLOJİLERİ ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (“NPATH”). Please read the terms of use below. Accessing the MOBILE GAME means that you accept the following terms and conditions concluded between you and NPATH and are subject to these terms.
1.2. These Terms of Use will also be used on other game-related platforms that will be put into service in the future regarding the MOBILE GAME, such as websites, customer support, social media and community channels.
1.3. These terms constitute the legal agreement concluded between Npath Games Oyun Teknolojileri Anonim Şirketi, located at Serhat Mah. 1147 Cad. 12/17 Yenimahalle Ankara/Türkiye, and the User.

2. Scope

2.1. The User Terms shall apply to all relations, including access to and use of all content, interaction, functions and services between NPATH and the User (The term user is used as a general term that refers to everyone who downloads the MOBILE GAME and uses the MOBILE GAME service), especially the MOBILE GAME offered through the mobile application between NPATH and the User.
2.2. These User Terms offered on MOBİL GAME also apply to services subject to a separate agreement.
2.3. These User Terms will be made available on the login screen following the installation of the MOBILE GAME and on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store where the MOBILE GAME can be downloaded.

3. General Terms of Use

3.1. By playing this MOBILE GAME by the User, other policies, texts, conditions, warnings and all terms stated herein are deemed to have been read and accepted. For this purpose, the User’s “declaration of acceptance” received or created in any form is not required. Upon acceptance of these terms by the User, all information, services and tools accessible through the mobile application are offered to the User.
3.2. It is accepted that the User is of legal age to download and play the MOBILE GAME.
3.3. Users who think that they cannot fulfill the conditions stipulated in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy should not download and use this MOBILE GAME. In any case, if the User is not of the required age for the validity of the declaration of acceptance or if there is a legal restriction, the User should not use this MOBILE GAME as the declaration of acceptance will not have any legal validity.

4. Tracking of the Terms of Use

4.1. MOBILE GAME is constantly renewed and updated by NPATH in order to provide the best possible service to Users. For this reason, NPATH may make changes to the Terms of Use from time to time, at its sole discretion, or introduce new/additional services and new/additional conditions.
4.2. NPATH tries to give reasonable notice to the User about the alterations or revisions made in order to be aware of all necessary terms of use, but the Terms of Use should be checked each time the MOBILE GAME is accessed to find out the conditions that apply when the MOBILE GAME is accessed by the User. The updated Terms of Use will enter into force on the date of publication. Accessing after any such alteration constitutes acceptance of such changes and the new/revised terms apply.

5. Use of Content and Services

5.1. The use of the MOBILE GAME is subject to the conditions specified in the MOBILE GAME and the permissions and limitations stipulated by the legislation.
5.2. NPATH does not undertake the accuracy and reliability of the information, communication, commercial electronic messages or other mobile applications to which links or information are given, and does not assume any legal liability, transmitted from other mobile games or linked sites or platforms. The user is obliged to comply with the usage and privacy policies and other notices of such third party mobile games. If you decide to use such third-party mobile games, you are responsible for any risks that may arise.
5.3. Users do not have the right to sell products or services, make commercial advertisements, announcements and similar initiatives or engage in commercial activities using the MOBILE GAME and the features contained in it, unless otherwise approved in writing by NPATH or expressly stipulated.
5.4. MOBILE GAME provides user-specific experience. In this context, there are many combinations of passing each level and provide an individualized game opportunity for the User. In this regard, NPATH does not guarantee that Users can pass the level by making the same moves as other Users.
5.5. NPATH has the right to determine the game contents and stages offered on the MOBILE GAME as it wishes, and may offer the MOBILE GAME and the services contained in it with advertisements and promotions. These advertisements will be given by Google and Apple, on which MOBILE GAME is located, and NPATH is not responsible for the content of the advertisements or any damage that may occur due to the advertisements. Advertisements and promotions do not have to be directly related to the MOBILE GAME. NPATH may change the practices and tariffs regarding advertising at any time without prior notice.
5.6. It is possible for Users to remove advertisements. In this regard, since advertisements are given by Google Play and App Store, advertisement removals can be removed in accordance with the procedures determined by these structures. NPATH will not have any liability in this regard.
5.7. NPATH is not responsible for both advertising and the use of any third party websites on the MOBILE GAME.
5.8. There are age-related restrictions on the use of MOBILE GAMES. Users must comply with these restrictions.

6. Responsibility for the Use of MOBILE GAMES

6.1. By accepting the Terms of Use, the User accepts responsibility for all transactions to be made when using the MOBILE GAMENPATH is not responsible for any damages arising from the use of the game service offered on MOBILE GAME, regardless of its source and/or purpose.
6.2. The MOBILE GAME must be used by the user in accordance with the legal regulations. The User undertakes not to use the MOBILE GAME when it is necessary for the User not to use the MOBILE GAME within the framework of legal legislation.
6.3. Special game rules, controls, tips and guides for each game section on the MOBILE GAME may be included in the game. These additions are considered a part of the User Terms and the User is expected to comply with these additions. Since each level is based on a personalized experience, users are expected not to share these rules, tips and guides with third parties.
6.4. The MOBILE GAME will be installed and played on the mobile devices used by the User. In cases where it is not possible to play the game accurately, uninterruptedly or properly due to any situation arising from the User’s mobile device or Internet access, all responsibility belongs to the User and NPATH has no liability in this regard.
6.5. Due to technical requirements, NPATH may choose the device or version on which the MOBILE GAME can be played. In this context, NPATH may determine that the game can be played on devices with certain qualifications and that the game cannot be played on devices that do not have certain qualifications. The User will not have any claims arising from this matter.
6.6. There may also be improvements and updates to the NPATH game from time to time. Due to these circumstances, the User may not be able to access the MOBILE GAME or use the services on the game during certain periods. The User will not have any requests from NPATH in this regard.
6.7. Device information is recorded by NPATH in order to recognize the user and to ensure that the User who wants to play the MOBILE GAME again in the future can continue the game from where he left off. If the user returns the device to factory settings, the user will not be able to continue the game from where they left off, as the device information held by NPATH will also be deleted. The game will need to be restarted by the User. NPATH cannot be held responsible for any changes made by the User on the device.
6.8. It is assumed that the person logging into the User account using the login information is the User or someone else with User permission. If the login information is not kept confidential by the User or if the login information or account is shared with someone else (intentionally or unintentionally), all liability for these actions (including unauthorized purchases) and any loss and damage that may occur as a result of these activities it is agreed that the User will be responsible for these actions and NPATH will be fully compensated for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of these activities.
6.9. NPATH cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses arising from an unauthorized person accessing the User account or playing the game. NPATH accepts no liability for loss or damage resulting from unauthorized use, whether fraudulent or not. The account is specific to the user and users do not have the right or authority to transfer or have the account used by a third party.
6.10. If the account is deleted by the user or by NPATH, the User accepts that they may not be able to access the game level, points, affiliated groups, virtual products purchased in the account, in-game purchases, characters, icons and tokens (coin) etc. that they could previously reach. The User will not have any requests towards NPATH in this regard.
6.11. The user does not have any property rights over the accounts he has created. For this reason, accounts may be suspended, frozen, terminated, changed and deleted by NPATH at any time, without any reason or justification.
6.12. The information provided on or through the MOBILE GAME is provided for general information purposes only. NPATH is not responsible for, and makes no promises about, the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of this information. Any reliance you place on such information is strictly at your own risk.
6.13. NPATH cannot be held responsible for any material, moral, legal or financial consequences, damages or indirect damages such as loss of profits or income that may arise due to any use of the content provided through the MOBILE GAME, including incorrect, illegal or illegal use.
6.14. In games played by the User on another device, if the game is not connected to the User’s own device or to their account via the social network, any action performed by the User on the MOBILE GAME will not be deemed to have been made in their own account. For this reason, it is not possible to transfer progress and achievements on separate devices; NPATH has no responsibility in this regard.

7. Playing with Other Users

7.1. Users are also given the opportunity to form groups within the MOBILE GAME. With these groups, Users have the opportunity to play their games by communicating with each other in a group that includes other Users. Users are solely responsible for their interactions with other Users in the group, and NPATH will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from this interaction.
7.2. Users will be able to search for groups via the MOBILE GAME and participate in the groups they wish based on the criteria determined by the groups themselves. In this regard, NPATH does not have any authority or responsibility regarding the creation of groups and the participation of Users in groups
7.3. By entering the groups, the User is deemed to have accepted that the account name, score, country where the game is played, avatar and online status information can be seen by other Users in the group. There is no system on the MOBILE GAME where Users can search for each other.


8.1. In order to benefit from MOBILE GAME services, an account must be opened by the User on MOBILE GAME. In this account, only specifying the account name will be sufficient. The User is responsible for the confidentiality and security of the accounts created on the MOBILE GAME.
8.2. The MOBILE GAME can be played only by entering the account name information, or it can be accessed through social media accounts such as Facebook. These login options are left to the User’s choice, and NPATH will not be responsible for any disruptions or problems that may occur due to login preferences. The same provision applies for logging in with Apple ID.
8.3. If the User chooses the Facebook option as the game login, the User accepts and undertakes that the User’s gender, age and location data will be processed by NPATH. The same provision applies for logging in with Apple ID.
8.4. The risk of loss of the level reached in the game, the points collected, the purchased Virtual Product or Virtual Money data belongs entirely to the User from the moment the data is created. In this context, NPATH shall have no liability.
8.5. Within the scope of the MOBILE GAME, Users have the right to a total of 5 (five) lives to play the game. Lives are renewed in periodic periods of 30 (thirty) minutes. If users have used 5 live rights in a period before 30 minutes; The User must wait 30 minutes for the new life to be added.
8.6. Users can donate a limited number of lives among themselves without decreasing their own life count. NPATH may limit the number of life donations that Users can make and may be temporarily suspended. The user accepts and undertakes that they are aware of this limit and will comply with this limit.
8.7. It is not possible to return to the sections that have been successfully passed by the Users and these sections cannot be played again by the Users.

9. Purchases Made Via MOBILE GAME

9.1. Within the MOBILE GAME, items such as precious stones, coins, in-game materials (items), in-app packages (bundles), periodic discount packages that will affect the use of certain services on the game (“Virtual Money”) are sold. In addition to the Virtual Money on the MOBILE GAME, NPATH can also sell various products (“Virtual Products”) within the MOBILE GAME in order to increase the game quality and enhance the experience.
9.2. Themes specific to special occasions (New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, etc.) can be created by NPATH. These themes may also be subject to in-game purchases by Users. Purchases of these themes are made in the manner above, through the purchase of Virtual Money and Virtual Products.
9.3. Themes specific to special occasions purchased by the User will be provided by NPATH for a certain period of time, and the theme will be removed by NPATH after this period has passed.
9.4. Both Virtual Money and Virtual Products offered for sale on the MOBILE GAME are valid only within the game and do not have any equivalent in the real world. The User undertakes to have read these User Terms and accepted this article.
9.5. The User has limited license authorization and has absolutely no ownership rights over the values obtained as a result of purchases made on the MOBILE GAME. For this reason, the virtual elements obtained cannot be used or transferred to a third party.
9.6. Purchases made by users are completed as soon as the purchase transaction is approved by NPATH. From this moment on, Users have no right of withdrawal.
9.7. After the purchase process is completed, the relevant Virtual Money, Virtual Products and themes specific to special days will be transferred to the Users’ accounts by NPATH. After this transfer, the User will ensure the security of the Virtual Money and Virtual Product and NPATH will not be responsible for any damage that may occur. The Virtual Money and Virtual Product application, terms, requirements and prices offered by NPATH to the User on the MOBILE GAME may be changed at any time without providing any reason.
9.8. The User acknowledges that if the account is deleted, frozen or not used for a long time, the Virtual Money and Virtual Products in the account may become inaccessible or expire in any way. In these cases, NPATH will not make any refund to the User and cannot assume any liability.
9.9. Virtual Money or Virtual Products will be sold only through the MOBILE GAME and will not be sold anywhere else. In this regard, Virtual Money or Virtual Products received from a third party do not have any validity in terms of the MOBILE GAME. Users cannot transfer Virtual Money (coins) and Virtual Products (items) among themselves. The accounts of Users who try to make this transfer by entering the system, interfering or similar methods may be suspended or removed by NPATH.
9.10. Payments to be made on the MOBILE GAME will be made through Google Play and App Store, and NPATH will not be responsible for any errors or omissions that may occur at any time in the payment system. Unless the payment process is completed by the App Store or Google Play, Virtual Money or Virtual Products cannot transferred to the User account and cannot be converted back into cash, cannot be transferred to another platform or game whether they belong to NPATH or not.

10. No Warranty

10.1 The MOBILE GAME and its content are offered to the Users as is, and do not contain any specific or general warranty, written or verbal, to the fullest extent permitted by law.
10.2. NPATH does not guarantee that the MOBILE GAME is safe and error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that the server used to provide the MOBILE GAME, as well as the MOBILE GAME itself or the sub- and parent sites/links of third parties, do not contain viruses or other harmful content.
10.3. Even if NPATH has been informed about the risk of harm in the relevant matter, including but not limited to, the following situations is not responsible from:
10.3.1. The use or inability to use MOBİL GAME’s services or content,
10.3.2. Transactions made by or through the MOBILE GAME,
10.3.3. Any errors, omissions or other inaccuracies in the MOBILE GAME or its content,
10.3.4. Unauthorized access to or interference with user accounts or data,
10.3.5. For any other problems related to the MOBILE GAME, services or content.
10.3. Any damage arising from the use of this MOBILE GAME – except if it is based on a legal reason, including tort – is limited to the damages that may be caused by NPATH’s gross negligence. In case of damages arising from the negligence of certain essential duties under the contract, the total compensation that can be claimed is limited to the foreseeable damages, provided that it is limited to the mandatory obligations of NPATH. Foreseeable harm is harm that is foreseeable as a reasonably likely consequence of a breach.

11. Personal Data

11.1. The protection and privacy of users’ personal data is important to NPATH. In this context, User personal data is considered “Confidential Information” and is not subject to sale or transfer to third parties. In addition, informative texts regarding data processing processes are presented to Users. Detailed information is included in the Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and relevant information texts. For more information you can visit https://npathgames.com/.

12. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

12.1. All intellectual and industrial property rights of the MOBILE GAME, all materials, Virtual Money and Virtual Products on the MOBILE GAME belong exclusively to NPATH; and no other real person or legal entity owns any intellectual and industrial property rights on these elements.
12.2. NPATH is the owner of all promotional materials, data files, written text, information, news, opinions, advice, advertisements, announcements, sounds, music, videos, logos, icons, demonstratives, written, electronic, graphic or technical materials presented in a machine-readable manner, contained in the MOBILE GAME content. all materials(“Materials”), including data, business method and business model related intellectual and industrial property rights and these rights are under legal protection.
12.3. Part or all of the MOBILE GAME created by NPATH cannot be copied, reproduced or distributed (including distribution of copies) in any way (such as by printing, saving to disk, placing on another site, downloading in any other way), cannot be published, exhibited publicly, loaned, its contents cannot be changed or destroyed, or taken as a sample for reproduction or creation.
12.4. Unless otherwise stated, these elements cannot be used without permission or approval by anyone, including public institutions, for commercial or personal purposes without permission or attribution of the source. It is prohibited to publish any elements of this Website in any other media or website or to provide links without the written permission of NPATH.
12.5. In addition to Article 5.3 of these User Terms, Users accept and undertake that they will not present the game experience and the parts within the game on any social media platforms, and will not broadcast the whole or any part of the game on Twitch or YouTube etc. platforms.
12.6. In order to benefit from the MOBILE GAME, NPATH grants the User a non-exclusive, non-transferable, changeable license right on the MOBILE GAME Software, limited to personal use. All intellectual and industrial property rights other than the specified use belong exclusively to NPATH; The permission given to the user does not include any other financial rights or licenses, whether private or general.

13. Prohibited Uses

13.1. It is prohibited to use the MOBILE GAME or its content for any illegal or immoral purposes by using the MOBILE GAME to encourage others to commit or participate in illegal actions, to violate national or international regulations, rules, laws, to violate intellectual property rights; harass, defame, disparage, intimidate or harm others, insult, slander, discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, national origin or disability; provide false or misleading information; upload or transmit viruses or malware that will disrupt or affect the functionality or operation of the service, the MOBILE GAME, the relevant MOBILE GAMES or the internet; collect or monitor others’ personal data, engage in spamming, phish, pharm, pretext, spider, crawl or scrape activities; use the MOBILE GAME or any other related games to interfere with or circumvent the security features of other websites or the Internet.
13.2. Within the scope of photographs, usernames and all materials to be submitted to MOBILE GAME by users, in case of detection of behavior that is unlawful on NPATH’s platforms or contrary to the principles of NPATH’s platforms, especially the behaviors below: NPATH has the authority to completely or partially stop the User from using the MOBILE GAME and to terminate the Agreement unilaterally and with immediate effect in case of continued use despite all warnings, due to breach of contract. The User has no right to any compensation in case of such termination:
• Any materials of a pornographic or erotic nature,
• Any material depicting or encouraging child pornography and other images showing signs that the crime of distribution of pornography has been committed,
• Dissemination of narcotic and psychotropic substances or poisons,
• Sale of prescription drugs,
• Presenting images that may encourage or cause crime or circumvent copyright protections by technical means,
• Presentation of visuals within the scope of terrorism legislation,
• Other products, services and actions that contain insults and swearing that may damage NPATH’s reputation in the eyes of third parties,
• Products and images that violate the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties
13.3. It is prohibited to violate or attempt to violate the security of the MOBILE GAME.
13.4. The user accepts and undertakes not to run or use software that sends more messages to the NPATH server than a human being can send in a certain period of time.
13.5. The User accepts and undertakes not to collect any data contained in MOBİL GAME or other User accounts and not to access MOBİL GAME’s database.
13.6. The User accepts in advance that they will not reverse engineer the use of the MOBILE GAME or take any other action to find or obtain the source code of the MOBILE GAME, otherwise they will be responsible for any damages that may arise from third parties and legal and criminal proceedings will be taken against them.
13.7. Legal and criminal action may be taken against those who attempt such violations and a public lawsuit may be filed. Any alleged violation will be investigated by NPATH and if an unlawful act is suspected, relevant legal authorities will be contacted/cooperated. In case of such doubt; The access of the relevant persons and Users to the MOBILE GAME and its content is terminated, their accounts, if any, are canceled and all User data necessary for legal proceedings are shared with the relevant legal authorities.
13.8. The normal flow of the MOBILE GAME shall not be disrupted by the user, and the MOBILE GAME will be played in a way that does not harm other players’ ability to play their games fairly, especially in games played within a group.
13.9. Any User who thinks that any of the elements listed in Article 13 of these User Terms has been violated is able to complain to NPATH about the User who committed the violation via [email protected]. Necessary investigations will be carried out by NPATH. NPATH has the authority to restrict the access or remove the account of the relevant user as a result of the review; if the violation cannot be detected, it is under its own responsibility not to take action.

14. Violating Terms of Use

14.1.In case of failure to comply with the “Terms of Use”, “Privacy Conditions” and other conditions contained in NPATH, MOBILE GAME or attempting to violate the rules; NPATH, reserves the right to suspend, terminate, and cancel the account (if any) of the Users’ access to the MOBILE GAME without prior notice, as well as the right to reject, remove, and delete the information available in the system, whether or not the violation is complete. NPATH’s failure to exercise or implement any legal right or measure written herein does not mean that NPATH has waived its rights arising from these Terms of Use or the law or accepted the violation.

15. Third Party Links on MOBILE GAME

15.1. Links to third party websites or services may be provided on the MOBILE GAME. NPATH declares that it makes no promises and does not confirm any content, products or services provided by third parties, and this is accepted by the User.
15.2. The User is solely responsible for any damages caused by these third party add-ons and no other person is responsible.

16. Expiration

16.1. NPATH may suspend or terminate the MOBILE GAME broadcasting in case of,
(I) The User violates the terms or policies written herein or established by NPATH,
(II) The User does not have the right to use due to legal restrictions,
(III) NPATH’s access to the MOBILE GAME benefited by the User is interrupted for any reason,
(IV) In accordance with legislation or decisions of Administrative Regulatory Bodies
(V) Loss of access to the MOBILE GAME due to legal regulations or force majeure
(VI) at NPATH’s sole discretion.
The Terms of Use are effective until terminated by User or NPATH in accordance with these Terms. These Terms may be terminated at any time by notifying NPATH in writing at [email protected] if the User ceases using the MOBILE GAME.
Provisions that by their nature survive and survive will survive any termination of these Terms.

17. Records

17.1. In case of disputes that may arise from the use of MOBILE GAME, all kinds of electronic and commercial records of NPATH, including book and communication logs, and e-mail notifications made by NPATH to Users constitute definitive and exclusive evidence.

18. Integrity

18.1. If any court or administrative authority decides that various provisions of these Terms of Use are unlawful, the other articles will remain valid and in force.

19. Applicable Law

19.1. In case of disputes that may arise regarding the use of MOBILE GAMEs, the Laws of the Republic of Turkey apply. Users residing outside the Republic of Turkey and connecting to the MOBILE GAME from outside the Republic of Turkey also accept that the laws of the Republic of Turkey are valid in case of disputes that may arise regarding the use of the MOBILE GAME and waive their rights arising from all other applicable country regulations.

20. Dispute Resolution

20.1. Any disputes that may arise regarding the Terms of Use hereby will be finally resolved through arbitration by Ankara Arbitration and Mediation Center (ATAM). The dispute will be resolved by a single arbitrator agreed upon by the parties. If the parties cannot agree on the selection of an arbitrator, the secretariat determines the sole arbitrator. The place of arbitration is Ankara. The language of arbitration is Turkish. Turkish substantive and procedural law applies to arbitration proceedings. The provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure No. 6100 and the relevant tariffs published in the Official Gazette will apply to matters such as the arbitrator’s authority and procedure to collect evidence, trial expenses, arbitrator’s fee, substitution of evidence and selection of experts. Arbitration costs and advance fees shall be borne equally by both parties.

21. Information and Communication

21.1. For any questions regarding the terms herein, you may get more information via [email protected].
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